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Great quality health products that will help you achieve and maintain an optimal healthy state. Your health is important to me. I have researched many Nutraceutical companies and their specific natural products, have tried them personally. Listed below are some of those I commonly recommend. For more information on natural cures, go to

For more information concerning products, or other specific areas, call: (973) 341-3238

Natural Products For Specific Causes Include:

Gastro-Intestinal Detoxification

G.I. Fortify - Supports the function, microflora balance, integrity, tone, comfort, cellular health and detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract.

Liver-G.I. - Powerful support for both liver and gastrointestinal detoxification. Liver–G.I. Detox supports hepatic and gastrointestinal detoxification by providing nutrients and botanical extracts that enhance toxin elimination, digestion, intestinal motility, gut integrity and cell function.

Clear Detox - ClearDetox delivers broad-spectrum nutritional support for detoxification and the maintenance of healthy liver function. ClearDetox is easily digested and hypoallergenic. It is naturally flavored, providing a convenient, great-tasting addition to any detoxification program. ClearDetox is available in strawberry banana creme, pineapple- coconut and chocolate flavors.

Oral Chelation
HM Chelate - HM Chelate promotes the body's natural, healthy detoxification reaction to common, mild environmental heavy metal exposure while supporting antioxidant and immune defenses.

Multi vitamin Complex

Polyphenol nutrients - Polyphenol Nutrients is a nutrient dense multivitamin and mineral formula enhanced with an exceptional combination of polyphenols and specialized compounds for extensive physiological protection.

Weight Loss / Weight Maintance

( NOTE: For weight loss success, a low calorie, ballanced diet and exercise program must be followed.)

PureWeigh® PREMEAL Beverage - PureWeigh is an advanced PREMEAL beverage, designed to be taken before meals or as a snack, rather than as a meal replacement. It is easily combined with a professionally supervised low glycemic/high fiber diet and exercise program to enhance success.

For a complete list of all our products, or for more detailed information from the same company, visit Pure, and click on the "products" link on the top of the page.

* Great buy to help you lose weight!

Green Tea Trim Complex - (click on name to view product.) Helping Increase Metabolic Rate To Assist Caloric Burn…


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